NTP woes

NTP bugs have been piling up. Time to do something about them.
Help would be appreciated.

Fortunately, my Real Work is (mostly) multitasking-compatible today.
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NMU binge

As the number of packages which depend on old gnutls and/or gcrypt packages approaches zero, it now makes sense to NMU the rest.

Uploaded to delay-2. Interestingly, the stuff I uploaded to the delay queue last month ended up being ignored for no good reason, so I reuploaded these too.

Next on the TODO list: pruning the NTP bug list and doing something about strange bugs. Again. I kindof doubt the utility of co-maintaining a package if one person ends up doing all the work...

Yet another Debian blog

I admit I'm just too plain lazy to set up a personal blog software.

Anyway, this will hopefully have lots of Debian ramblings (I'm maintaining enough packages as is, thank you).

My personal weblog is at smurfix, for the terminally curious.